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About Us

X West is a family owned and operated business. For over 20 years we have met the demands of many homeowners and contractors. X West has a strong network of other professionals in the field so there are no limitations to what we can provide. Call us today so we can help you with your needs and find the most cost effective way to get the job done.

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Ex West is top notch help me out greatly on a project. Is very professional company.

Katon Bishop

Xcavation West did an awesome job helping me with some landscaping and rock retaining walls. They were very professional and personable in a time and an industry that does not always require such behavior. The results were awesome and I would recomme nd them 10/10!

Andy Higham

Honest and very professional, the work was outstanding. 😁

Kristen Noel

I had called X West to get a bid to dig my foundation.They answered the phone quickly and came out to see my property the next day. I was surprised to receive my bid so soon and the price was under my budget so I jumped on it and they were able to g et it dug right away. Everything went perfectly smooth and they were great to work with I will now be using them to install my septic system and driveway too.

Sandy Furton

Super happy with X west they do amazing work and stick to their word. They are very straight forward and explain how they are going to do the work needing done!

Taylor Tornkvist

X West and his team are responsive, attentive, and hold the highest standards in professionalism. I give them the highest recommendation possible.

Brad Smedley

These guys where very professional and completed our foundation excavation, septic system and driveway prep very fast. The boulder retaining walls they built are beautiful. Thank you Xwest!!!

Braaap Man

These guys where super easy to work with the quality of the work was amazing overall great people.

Cody Bendz

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