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X West offers a full range of excavation services for residential, commercial, industrial, and government projects.

Land Clearing

Large and small scale removal of trees, vegetation, rock, dirt, and miscellaneous debris with heavy equipment.

Foundation Excavation

Excavation for all foundation types, residential and commercial.

Backfill & Compaction

Soil preparation with compaction equipment for foundations, trenches, roads, and building pads.


Ensuring a level base or specified slope using top of the line lasers and surveying instruments along with heavy equipment for foundations, roadways, landscape improvements, and surface drainage.

Septic Systems

Licensed complex and standard septic system installer for residential and commercial systems.

Boulder Landscape Creations

Retaining walls, terraces, accent boulders.


Complete demolition and removal of buildings, infrastructure, roads, and organic materials. Recycled and repurposed for future use to help conserve natural resources.

Building Demolition

Includes concrete, steel-framed, and wood-framed structures. Whether single-story, multi-level, or below grade.

Selective Demolition

Removal of concrete, steel, or wood structures while ensuring the required structural elements remain in place, and are not impacted by the removal process. 

Rock Breaking & Haul Off

Unlike soil, rock is too hard to simply excavate, and has to be removed by breaking the rock out with a machine equipped with a hydraulic hammer.


Trenching and installation of large and small-scale utilities for government, commercial, and residential areas.

Water Main Construction

Water Service Lines

Sewer Main Construction

Sewer Service Lines

Utility Trenching

Storm Drain & Retention Pond Construction

Operated Equipment Rental

Experienced team of equipment operators ready to help you with your project.



Mini Excavator

Skid Steer